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GTK/GLIB port for mipsel

Subject: GTK/GLIB port for mipsel
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 15:15:53 +0300
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I'm working on building (cross-compiling) GTK for mipsel.
Currently I'm in the process of installing GLIB. I could 
manage to successfully pass its configure script, but 
when running make I get an error on the gatomic.c 
(unsupported asm instructions). Looking there I've found 
out that there is no port for mipsel (neither mips) for 
that functionality. I checked in the glib CVS, and there 
is nothing about that there either.
Anyway, I suspect that porting of glib is more than just 
writing these 50 lines of asm code, so probably I need a 
mipsel port.
Unfortunately, I could not find the port in the internet -
 the only reference I've found is the Debian mipsel port, 
but it contains only binaries in libraries' packets. 
Supposedly there are source packages available from this 
but trying to download it I constantly see the 
message " is down at the moment due to 
performance issues."

Can anybody here point me to a source where I can 
download a glib and gtk ports for mipsel, or at least get 
more info on this.

With respect,
Oleg Kruzhkov

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