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Cobalt Raq2 HD upgrade - Advice required

Subject: Cobalt Raq2 HD upgrade - Advice required
From: Dominique Quatravaux <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 22:50:39 +0100
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Hi Linux-MIPS gurus,

First, thanks to all involved for your work on the MIPS platform. My
trusty Cobalt Raq2 in it's colocation farm not too far away boasts 394
days of uptime tonight, and you are the guys who made it happen.

I'd like to beef up the machine, with more RAM and another HD for
backups. I found the appropriate Wiki page
( and I believe I can deal with
the RAM part. OTOH as regards the hard drive, the page is a bit evasive:
exactly what kind of HD can I put there (one for a laptop perhaps)? Will
I need any duct tape to fasten the second disk? Is there anything
special I should know about the operation?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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                        Dominique Quatravaux <>

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