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Re: why the early_initcall(au1x00_setup) do not work?

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Subject: Re: why the early_initcall(au1x00_setup) do not work?
From: "Jordan Crouse" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 10:38:13 -0700
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> Have you ever tried what you're talking about or is it a guess ?

I just did that.  I have Linus's tree and tags, and Ralf's tree:

git checkout mips
git diff v2.6.14..HEAD

the nice thing about git is that it was written to do exactly the sort 
of things we need it to do, like this.

> For example, let's say that there's a bug introduced when merging
> Linus tree with mips branch. How do you easily "bisect" in order to do
> a binary seek of this bug ?

Linus wrote a HOWTO on that very subject:

> 2 - The way branches are made is broken : you can not fetch separate
> branches without doing some "grafts" things

I'm no git expert, but can't you just

git-pull rsync:// remote:local

That works for me.


Jordan Crouse
Senior Linux Engineer
AMD - Personal Connectivity Solutions Group

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