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Au1550 SDRAM bus frequency & data corruption

To: <>, "Sergei Shtylylov" <>
Subject: Au1550 SDRAM bus frequency & data corruption
From: "David Sanchez" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 09:52:06 +0100
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Thread-topic: Au1550 SDRAM bus frequency & data corruption

I found a solution to my problem of data corruption on my AMD alchemy
Db1550: I divided the SDRAM bus frequency by 2. 
So I get the following set of freq:
        CPU core = 396 Mhz
        System bus = 198 Mhz
        SDRAM bus = 99 Mhz instead of 198 Mhz
The PCI clock is 64 Mhz.

To do this I simply use the boot monitor YAMON v2.25 provided by AMD
(downloaded from their website). And set the position of the rotary
switch to 2.

I don't really know if the SDRAM bus frequency was the root issue or if
it simply slows down the transfer and thus the problem has not enough
time to appear...but I test the copy during all the night and the test
doesn't report any error :)

Sergei, could you tell me your frequency configuration that you use on
you au1550 board, please ?


David Sanchez

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