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RE: DbAu1550 copy file corruption

To: "Sergei Shtylylov" <>, <>
Subject: RE: DbAu1550 copy file corruption
From: "David Sanchez" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 14:10:12 +0100
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Thread-topic: DbAu1550 copy file corruption

As all my pci sata controllers operate up to 66Mhz, I add a divider to the pci 
clock in the board_setup.c of the au1550 to obtain 32 Mhz pci clock. But the 
problem still appear... (More the bus is slow, less the problem appear: maybe 
because it is a timing issue ?)

I try the HPT371B (which works for us). I try several PCI sata controllers 
(Promise PDC20779, PDC 20579, SiliconImage Sil3112, etc...). More I try the 
drivers provided by Promise instead of the libata. But the problem still 

Sergei, is the PCI clock frequency issue only for the HPT371N or even for PCI 
sata controller ? Do you mean that all the users of the dbau1550 needs to set 
the PCI clock to 32Mhz?
Have you try my script on your board? 



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Dan Malek wrote:

> Have you tested this on an NFS partition?  Does
> the on-board HPT371 work?  I know the latter two
> used to work, but I don't remember testing a 2.6.10
> kernel, I've been using newer ones.

   Do you mean HPT371N? It shouldn't work (and does not work for us) since the 
current driver has severe clocking problems with anything but HPT370/374 on a 
66 MHz PCI. So with the default 64 MHz Au1550 PCI clock the driver just locks 
up; it can only work if you plug in a 33 MHz PCI card to get Au1550 PCI 
clocked at 32 MHz. I was in the process of fixing this but this work is 
currently preempted by more urgent stuff... :-(

WBR, Sergei

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