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Timer interrupt handler problem

Subject: Timer interrupt handler problem
From: Co Ngai Fung <>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 11:27:13 +0800
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I want to use the timer16, I can control the timer with the
timer16_ctl(), but the prolem is that when the timer countdown
to zero, I can't use the interrupt handler to get this event,
i have the following code for setup the interrupt handler.

        request_irq(SYS_TIMER_0_IRQ, timer_timeout_intr,
        SA_INTERRUPT, "AC49X timer", NULL);

where the AC49X_SYS_TIMER_0_IRQ is 5, and timer_timeout_intr()
is just a function to printk a line out.
I want to know is just that simple to call request_irq() to
have the interrupt handler be called when the interrupt is issued?

Co Ngai Fung

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misunderstanding all you see.
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