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RE: Saving arguments on the stack

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Subject: RE: Saving arguments on the stack
From: "Knittel, Brian" <>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 10:24:09 -0800
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Thread-topic: Saving arguments on the stack
We'd like to add arguments to the backtrace in Oops messages to make debugging 
from these reports more efficient. It is particularly useful for determining 
where the problem was generated, particularly when bad pointers are passed in. 
This is for production embedded devices with optimized code and which reboot 
immediately after storing or sending the Oops message. Performance is an issue, 
but the overhead of storing the arguments on the stack is likely worth the 
added debug info.

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        > > I'd like to force the compiler to store arguments on the stack
        > > with otherwise optimized code.
        Sounds like you're out of luck.  Perhaps you'd do better to go one
        step back and explain what you're trying to do?
        Dominic Sweetman
        MIPS Technologies

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