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Re: Linux-2.6.12 code base for linux-mips

To: Sathesh Babu Edara <>
Subject: Re: Linux-2.6.12 code base for linux-mips
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 19:26:24 +0000
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On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 09:06:16PM +0530, Sathesh Babu Edara wrote:

>  - I would like to know the code base for  linux-2.6.12 (linux_2_6_12 tag)
> in the CVS repository is same as the one in the git repository
> archive(linux-2.6.12). 

It should be; the tags in the git archive were automatically generated,
not converted fromt he CVS archive.

>  - I am new to GIT.In order   to checkout linux-2.6.12 tag from git
> repository I followed the  commands given in the
> web site
> - It is hanging while cloning the repository using the below command  
>     # git clone rsync:// linux.git
> - Then i used http:// instead of rsync:// in the above command and it is
> working fine.

We told you before - you're behind a firewall and can't use rsync.  Unless
you have an argument with your firewall admin and those are usually a
rather stuborn kind of character when it comes to that kind of changes :)

> In the "Status of CVS to GIT conversion " section, there is no information
> on linux-2.6.12 tag/branch.If I want to checkout linux-2.6.12 tag from GIT
> repository what command  I should use after cloning the git repository.

I certainly won't list each of the hundreds of individual tags on that
page; no point in that.  ANyway, after the clone finished, do:

git-read-tree -m $(cat .git/refs/tags/linux-2.6.12)
git-checkout-index -f -a -u -q

Git developers didn't make that too easy; the git-checkout command doesn't
accept a tag as it's argument, so git-checkout linux-2.6.12 doesn't work.


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