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Re: Linux-2.6.12 code base for linux-mips

To: Sathesh Babu Edara <>
Subject: Re: Linux-2.6.12 code base for linux-mips
From: Stuart Longland <>
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 15:33:26 +1000
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Sathesh Babu Edara wrote:
>       I am referring to the below site to download the linux-2.6.12 mips
> version.

You might be better off using git from now on. :-)  I provided that
snapshot service so that those who are firewalled-off from CVS & rsync
can still obtain snapshots of the Linux/MIPS kernel.

Since git can (and does) run over both HTTP and RSYNC, my mirror has
somewhat been made redundant.

There's some notes on doing exactly this on the wiki. :-)

>       But I found there are so many files with linux-2.6.12 name so can
> you please let me know the name of the official release version
> corresponding to linux-2.6.12.

Probably the first snapshotted 2.6.12 would be the closest to the
upstream kernel 2.6.12.  But seriously, I'd go for the latest 2.6.12
release, as this will have fixes not present at the previous merge with

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