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RE: missing /dev/tty0

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Subject: RE: missing /dev/tty0
From: "Louis Lai" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:43:31 +0800
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Hi Yoann,

Thanks for your reply!!
i can create the device file but i still not able to open it.
When i open /dev/tty0, i got "No such device".
Any ideas??

Thanks again,

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To: Louis Lai
Subject: Re: missing /dev/tty0

Louis Lai a écrit :

>Hi all,
>I am using a 2.4.30 kernel for my MIPS embedded processor. The kernel can
>start up properly but the tty0 doesn't exist under /dev. I have already
>enable the virtual console during kernel configuration. is it something
>configure not properly for the kernel?? Anyone can help??
>Thanks in advance,
Hi Louis,

The problem is that you didn't create the special file /dev/tty0. Create
it with the mknod command :
# mknod /dev/tty0 c 4 0
Then put the good rights, for example:
# chmod 640 /dev/tty0
That should do it...


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