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Re: Where is op_model_mipsxx.c ?

To: David Daney <>
Subject: Re: Where is op_model_mipsxx.c ?
From: Matej Kupljen <>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 08:35:02 +0200
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> If there are no performance counters, OProfile can still use the system 
> timer to take samples each clock tick.  This is the way I am using it.

Thanks for the info.

> To use it in this manner you have to hack up the code a bit so that the 
> return value of oprofile_arch_init() (in oprofile/common.c) is -ENODEV.

I'll try that and let you know the results.

I want to use the profiler, because the network performance of dbau1200
is very poor (with 2.6.14-rc2 and smc91x driver I get around 12Mbit/s!).

I check the traffic of netperf with ethereal and I see quite a lot
of duplicated packets (see the attached file with a few packets).
I think think this is also the reason that NFS is so slow.


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