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Compiling a 2.6 kernel for Mips

Subject: Compiling a 2.6 kernel for Mips
From: Yoann Allain <>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 09:26:53 +0200
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I am no more a newbie but I still need some help to build kernels :
I am working on the Wintegra Evaluation Board (WEB777) and I used the 2.4 kernel Wintegra gave me with the patch for that board. I tried to adapt the patch for the 2.6 kernel but it doesn't work. I traced the kernel to find it crashed very early before displaying anything. In fact the host processor makes an address and tries to read it but this makes an exception :

* Exception 0x02 (user) : TLB (load or instruction fetch) *
* in address: 80101ea8
[80101ea8] 8c820000 lw          r2,0x0000(r4)

r0(zero): 00000000 r1(AT)  : 1000fc00 r2(v0)  : 0000001c r3(v1)  : 80360000
r4(a0)  : 0000001c r5(a1)  : 803919f0 r6(a2)  : 0000000d r7(a3)  : 8038df8c

I think this is a problem of host processor misconfiguration, but don't find out exactly what it is... To make the address in R4, the processor reads some zeroes where in 2.4 kernel, it doesn't and the address read in 2.4 is something like 0xbf010f1c.
I don't know if this can help but here are the few functions before crash:

   J start_kernel
            cpu_probe() (WEB777 patch)
            prom_init() (WEB777 patch)
                  setup_prom_printf() (WEB777 patch)
                  wds_prom_printf() (WEB777 patch)
                           putPromChar() (WEB777 patch)
                           --> CRASH

Thanks a lot for your precious advices


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