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RE: kernel panic in cfi

To: "'Jan Pedersen'" <>, <>
Subject: RE: kernel panic in cfi
From: "Jan Pedersen" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 23:28:16 +0200
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Patch attached.

> For any of you who are using flash with the cfi driver, this may be of
> your
> interrest:
> When using the cfi (common flash interface) driver, every word written to
> the flash chips is followed by a operation complete poll. This poll is
> intended to have a timeout of 1 ms. However this timeout is calculated by
> HZ/1000, which happends to be 0 because HZ < 1000. The result of this is
> that there will be just one poll for operation complete. If this single
> poll
> fails, the kernel panics. I have not had the time to investigate this
> panic
> further. Instead, I have made a workaround that increases this timeout to
> HZ
> (1 second). 1 second is far more than needed, but is preferred over a
> panic.
> The patch is available at

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