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[A little bit offtopic] AU1550 board ODM

Subject: [A little bit offtopic] AU1550 board ODM
From: Zhuang Yuyao <>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 17:14:07 +0800
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(3 times I tried to send this mail, but it does not appear in the list,
If the content of this mail violates the policy of this maillist, please
let me know and I'd apologize)


We (a Chinese company) are looking for a board design based on AMD
au1550.  We would like to pay $2500~$5000 (in US dollar) for a board
design which fits our requirements.

Some brief requirements:
1) 6 10/100Mbit ethernet ports, any one of them should be able to
configured to have its own IP address. (sorry for bad english, I mean
some thing like this (;
2) at least 1 mini-pci slot, 2 is preferred;
3) RAM (DDR) can be configured to 64M, 128M and 256M
4) Flash (NAND): 64M
5) IDE connection (including power) for 2.5inch notebook hard disk.
6) Bootloader and Safenet encryption engine support. (OS: linux 2.6.x)
7) 4-layers PCB is preferred.

Desired hardware and files:
1) Schematics file for this board
2) BOM from the board
3) PADS layout files
4) PCB gerber files
5) 2 Prototype boards

Desired Software:
1) Bootloader source code, (the original Yamon and the patches)
2) A demo kernel and root file system (Linux 2.6.x, uClibc) for this

If anyone is interested in this, please contact me with the email
address provided below. An ODM contract will be signed after all the
details are discussed and settled. In case you are worried about the
credit of us, I will contact AMD office in Shanghai and make AMD the
supervisor/broker for this case.

Thanks in advance.

        Zhuang Yuyao

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