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Alchemy Au1100 USB Problem

To: ML Linux USB Devel <>, ML Linux MIPS <>
Subject: Alchemy Au1100 USB Problem
From: Sylvain Munaut <>
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 09:29:56 +0200
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I'm working a a Au1100 System composed of a Cogent CSB650
( mounted on a custom base board.

This uses a Au1100 to offer two USB host port, one being directly
connected to a on-board smart card controller and the other to a USB
connector so user can plug-in stuff.

Now, I'm running a 2.6 kernel of a few weeks ago and
using the big-endian mode of the CPU. My problem is with the USB host

At different times I get URB with condition cone 5 (TIMEOUT) so that
reports error -115 (ETIMEDOUT) to the driver. At first, even at boot the
peripheral plugged in wouldn't be detected at all, but then setting the
Au1100 frequency to 384Mhz (instead of 396Mhz) seemed to help, I haven't
see that issue recently. But when using a usb stick, transfering small
files works at first, but when trying to transfer more data, then it
makes that same -145 error.

Here is an example of what it does :

[4294872.583000] drivers/usb/host/ohci-dbg.c: SUB 811a4080 dev=3
ep=2in-bulk flags=15 len=0/40960 stat=-150

[4294872.597000] au1xxx-ohci au1xxx-ohci.0: urb 811a4080 path 1 ep2in
5ed20000 cc 5 --> status -145

[4294872.597000] au1xxx-ohci au1xxx-ohci.0: urb 811a4080 td a1185140 (3)
cc 5, len=12032/40960

[4294872.597000] drivers/usb/host/ohci-dbg.c: RET 811a4080 dev=3
ep=2in-bulk flags=15 len=12032/40960 stat=-145

[4294872.669000] au1xxx-ohci au1xxx-ohci.0: GetStatus roothub.portstatus
[0] = 0x00120103 PRSC PESC PPS PES CCS

[4294872.680000] usb 1-1: reset full speed USB device using au1xxx-ohci
and address 3

Does some one has anyide how I could : workaround, solve, debug, ...
that problem ?


        Sylvain Munaut

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