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scheduling with irqs disabled: init

To: <>
Subject: scheduling with irqs disabled: init
From: <>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 10:25:55 +0530
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Thread-topic: scheduling with irqs disabled: init
        I'm porting MVL4.0 kernel on to a mips board. I've been getting
a call trace as follows.

BUG: scheduling with irqs disabled: init/0x00000000/1
caller is schedule_timeout+0x84/0xe8
Call Trace:
 [<8030a0a8>] schedule_timeout+0x84/0xe8
 [<803090b8>] schedule+0x114/0x160
 [<803090b0>] schedule+0x10c/0x160
 [<8030a0a8>] schedule_timeout+0x84/0xe8
 [<80132610>] process_timeout+0x0/0x8
 [<80132c0c>] msleep_interruptible+0x4c/0x70
 [<802300a8>] gs_wait_tx_flushed+0x1fc/0x3b0
 [<8022fc44>] gs_write+0x25c/0x264
 [<802310cc>] gs_close+0x260/0x394
 [<80216364>] tty_fasync+0x8c/0x134
 [<80216b00>] release_dev+0x6f4/0xa08
 [<8021dddc>] write_chan+0x420/0x48c
 [<8012107c>] __wake_up+0x44/0x80
 [<80120f58>] default_wake_function+0x0/0x28
 [<8017a734>] get_empty_filp+0x64/0x13c
 [<80215234>] tty_ldisc_deref+0xcc/0x110
 [<80215b28>] tty_write+0x2bc/0x454
 [<80216e24>] tty_release+0x10/0x20
 [<80179988>] vfs_write+0xac/0x114
 [<8017aacc>] __fput+0x298/0x2d0
 [<8018e9b8>] getname+0x28/0xfc
 [<80178d2c>] filp_close+0x54/0xb4
 [<80178d24>] filp_close+0x4c/0xb4
 [<8010bc64>] stack_done+0x20/0x3c

I'm totally unaware of the bug. Can anyone help me fix it?

Thanking u in advance,


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