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Re: MIPS SF toolchain

To: Matej Kupljen <>
Subject: Re: MIPS SF toolchain
From: David Daney <>
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005 08:33:36 -0700
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Matej Kupljen wrote:

Can somebody tell me, what is the right way to make a soft float
toolchain. I tried with crosstool with different flags for configure
and gcc, but the resulting binaries still contains the FP instructions, like swc1.

I used --with-float=soft and --nfp for gcc configure,
--without-fp for glibc configure, and compiled glibc
with -msoft-float flag.

Am I missing something, or am I using the wrong flags?

GCC: 3.3.5
GLIBC: 2.3.5

On gcc 3.3.x --with-float=soft does nothing. If you are using a MIPS32 ISA processor you can configure it with --target=mipsisa32[el]-linux to get soft float and MIPS32 ISA by default.

But even better would be to use gcc 3.4.x or 4.0.x where --with-float=soft works. I would also recommend binutils 2.16.1 or above as there are some severe bugs in the mips linker in earlier versions.

David Daney.

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