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Au1100 static bus interface..

Subject: Au1100 static bus interface..
From: safiudeen <>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 13:08:55 +0600
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I am trying to interface TLC16C550C(externel UART chip) for DB1100 (using it's daughter card connector for IO interfcae). After we configure the static bus controller for requred chip select, we use au_readl,au_writel port I/O functions.When the TLC16C550 is present, it the test read/write look like working, but even when TLC16C550C is not connected, read/write operations look like working.I think we have to configure the I/O base address properly. Following are the configureation of static buss controller uased for this test.

CPU Chip enable-2 ( Daugter card chip select is generated using au1100 ce2(LOW),addr-28(HIGH),addr27(HIGH), and addr26(LOW) )
Therefore we selected the following  base address
physical base address 0xD 1800 0000 ( D - for DTY encoding for I/O device)

Chip select controll registers setting as follows

first 3 bit of mem_setcfg2 ( 0xB4001020 ) was set to 001 (DTY encoding)
mem_staddr2 (0xB4001028) was set to 0x11803FFF

vitual base address was obtained using ioremap function as follows
base_addrs=(u32)ioremap(0xD18000000,0x1000); to get 32 bit address

when do read/write opreation on base_addr, it generate requred chip select (Daughter card CS) .But even the TLC16C550C is not connected , read/write operation works as the TLC16C550 is connected. what I guis is address wrongly maped or some wrong in chip slect configarations.

If anyone has done interfacing externel peripheral to au1100 static bus controller please help me in this regards
Safiudeen. TS

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