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Re: New VINO video drivers for Indy

To: Markus Dahms <>
Subject: Re: New VINO video drivers for Indy
From: Mikael Nousiainen <>
Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 21:42:43 +0300
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Markus Dahms wrote:

Mikael Nousiainen wrote:

Could you provide a sample image ?
Everything seems to be ok with these...

And (it was hard enough to capture) one with some lines on it:
The image is fuzzy because the camera has moved just after the first field for the image
has been captured, before capturing the second field (every other line).

The two black lines in the center of the image are the real problem as I have no idea what causes them to appear. As you can easily check, the "missing content" is found
from the beginning of the same line.

These pictures where taken with daylight, some of the colors are a bit
strange[1] (I'll try it artificial light in the evening).


[1] the cyan looking highlighter on the first picture should really be
   green ;).

Yep, I've noticed same kind of behaviour with my indycam as it does not reproduce
blue colors correctly (blue is very weak always).
I've also heard that the camera is designed to be used in fluorescent light so
problems with colors seem to be a nice "feature" of the camera... :)

Thanks for the samples.

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