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Re: New VINO video drivers for Indy

To: Markus Dahms <>
Subject: Re: New VINO video drivers for Indy
From: Mikael Nousiainen <>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 21:47:26 +0300
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Markus Dahms wrote:

Hello again,

I only get a bla[nc]k image ...
That's strange. There might be some problems with IndyCam initialization (register values),
but usually you should be able to get at least a very dark picture.
Removing and reinstalling the module (indycam.ko) reinitializes the
camera so you can try that. IndyCam seems to use some very odd logic
to decide how bright the picture should be.
Try bringing some very bright light sources near the camera ?

For some reason it's working now. It's not significantly brighter, I
just checked the camera with kernel 2.4.x before booting 2.6.12.
If I can reproduce the failure I'll write it.
The picture has the same "quality" as with the other driver except
there _are_ fewer horizontal lines (they appear mostly on fast-moving
Ok, nice to know that you got it working...

Could you provide a sample image ?

The image is an interlaced image and it's constructed by joining two consencutive frames, so that's what
can cause some "distortion" in the image with fast-moving objects.

The horizontal lines I'm talking about don't have anything to do with the content of the image, they just appear and disappear. The black lines always start from the left edge of the picture and it seems that the pixels from the start of the lines get somehow moved forwards to the center of the
same line of the image. (eww, this is difficult to explain :)


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