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dma timer expires

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Subject: dma timer expires
From: priya <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 14:18:48 +0530
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We are using the MIPS custom board based
on RM5231A MIPS
processor and IT8172 companion chip. The
kernel version we are using is
When we connect the maxtor hard disk we
are able to do continuous data
access, as in playing a movie. But when
we connect a samsung or seagate
drive we get the dma timer expiry error
with the dma staus reg value =
0x61 when the partition check is made

Another observation is that the
multicount value when we boot the Maxtor

is 16 (i guess this is default value)
where us when we use samsung or
seagate drives it is set to 0.

I have also attached the log below.

Can you please tell me the reason why
the dma is timing out?


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