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Re: Battery status

To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Re: Battery status
From: Alan Cox <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 00:14:34 +0100
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On Gwe, 2005-07-22 at 18:16 -0400, Ralf Baechle wrote:
> Well, and on Monday Linus said about ACPI BIOS writers in front of 80
> kernel developers and an Intel guy on stage "BIOS writers are morons".
> Nobody did object and 30s later that was /topic on the #kernel irc
> channel ...

That would be because the BIOS writers don't get invited. From some of
the BIOS people I've talked to I'd say that

a) They are not morons they just work in ridiculous situations and
b) They don't neccessarily like ACPI either
c) Linus attitude is not helpful

What I will say from the non x86 end of things is that ACPI is vastly
inferior IMHO to things like OpenFirmware, but its Intel and Intel don't
seem to like standards they didn't invent.


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