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Re: remote debugging: "Reply contains invalid hex digit 59"

To: 'Linux/MIPS Development' <>
Subject: Re: remote debugging: "Reply contains invalid hex digit 59"
From: Alex Gonzalez <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 15:36:07 +0100
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I have seen something similar in our platform when the gdb on the host
computer was not compiled correctly.

For example it may be cross-compiled for mips n32 while the gdbserver is
compiled for o32, or similar incompatibilities.

I would double check that the toolchains used to compile the host gdb
and target gdbserver match.


On Tue, 2005-07-19 at 14:52, Bryan Althouse wrote:
> Is anyone doing remote debugging for mips?  
> I start the gdbserver on mips with:  
>     gdbserver ./hello_loop
> This produces:
>     Process ./hello_loop created; pid = 158
> On my PC, I type:
>     ddd --debugger mips64-linux-gnu-gdb hello_loop
>     (at gdb prompt) target remote
> This produces:
>     (on gdb prompt) Couldn't establish connection to remote target
>      Reply contains invalid hex digit 59
>     (on mips) Remote debugging from host
>      Readchar: Got EOF
>      Remote side has terminated connection.  GDBserver will reopen the
> connection. 
> This problem is also described here:
> Any ideas?  Thanks!
> Bryan

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