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Re: New VINO video drivers for Indy

To: Mikael Nousiainen <>
Subject: Re: New VINO video drivers for Indy
From: Markus Dahms <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 13:00:21 +0200
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Hello Mikael,

> I've released new drivers for SGI Indy's VINO video input (for 2.6 kernels).

That's what I've already waited for. Slowly 2.6.x should get usable for
SGI machines :).

> Please test the driver and report the results so that bugs
> (yes, I can promise there are lots of them :) can be squashed.

I only get a bla[nc]k image using the patched camsource or xawtv from
from Debian Sarge with my IndyCam[1] :(. With the old driver for
2.4.x I got some more results (striped, but at least an image...).
I hope you could give me some hints where to start debugging...

| SGI VINO driver version 0.0.1
| VINO with chip ID 11, revision 0 found
| Philips SAA7191 driver version 0.0.1
| SAA7191 initialized
| SGI IndyCam driver version 0.0.1
| IndyCam v1.0 detected
| IndyCam initialized

What I noticed, too:

* you should really include a directory in your package, I (most people?)
  did 'cd src/; tar zxvf vino-0.0.1.tar.gz' and screwed up my source
  directory a bit.
* (not so important) I cross-compile all kernel-related stuff. Although
  'make -C $MIPSKERNELDIR SUBDIRS=`pwd`' is not as difficult, there
  COULD be support for cross-compiling in the Makefile.


[1] yes, I opened the cover ;). channel was correct, too.


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