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Re: Au1550 ethernet throughput low

To: Clem Taylor <>
Subject: Re: Au1550 ethernet throughput low
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 08:21:38 +0000
Cc: linux-mips <>
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On 15/07/05 01:13:29, Clem Taylor wrote:
The source I'm using originated from It
was checked out from the head of
'' on 2005.03.18. At the time
of checkout, the linux-mips tree was missing a 2.6.11 tag. The closest
tag was linux_2_6_11_rc5, but the code is 2.6.11.

Mine was checked out at the latest was 2.6.11 rc3.

Yeah, UDP is running at near line rate, but it does consume a bunch of
CPU. I'm running our 1550s at 492MHz, but I have to run the memory at
123MHz (DDR). I just ran the test again, here's what ttcp said:

Same here expect memory is at 166

udp recv on au1550
ttcp -u -r -s -n 16384 -l 32768 -A 32768 -v -b 262144 -f M
ttcp-r: buflen=32768, nbuf=16384, align=32768/0, port=5001,
sockbufsize=262144  udp
ttcp-r: 536608768 bytes in 44.72 real seconds = 11.44 MB/sec +++
ttcp-r: 536608768 bytes in 17.41 CPU seconds = 29.39 MB/cpu sec
ttcp-r: 16378 I/O calls, msec/call = 2.80, calls/sec = 366.21
ttcp-r: 0.1user 17.2sys 0:44real 38% 0i+0d 0maxrss 0+7pf 16344+13csw

That looks ok though (Well it would be good enough for my application).

Yours is using ~30% cpu to send 100Mbps.
Mine is using 100% to send 66Mbps.

I've just checked out and  merged the latest CVS.
There were a few compile problems but I'll iron them out today and see if that solves the problem. It is encouraging that someone has this
working though.

Thanks again

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