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Re: Benchmarking RM9000

To: Alex Gonzalez <>
Subject: Re: Benchmarking RM9000
From: Laurence Darby <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 12:09:59 +0100
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Alex Gonzalez wrote:

> The performance of our video application is well below our
> expectations. We are still doing some profiling work on it, but we
> are also looking at other possibilities.
> What other benchmarking tool would you recommend?

There's lmbench, available only from
(the debian package itself doesn't work, and its main ftp site seems to
be down)

glxgears is nice and simple for 3d bmarks.

mplayer may be useful with its -benchmark option. Its docs, though
mostly x86 specific, are still interesting for video performance


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