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Re: preempt_schedule_irq missing from mfinfo[]?

Subject: Re: preempt_schedule_irq missing from mfinfo[]?
From: Dave Johnson <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 14:23:43 -0400
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Dave Johnson writes:
> Got this crash with recent 2.6 CVS version.
> CONFIG_SMP and CONFIG_PREEMPT are both on.  This in on a sb1250 rev
> B2.
> The PC it was trying to lookup is in preempt_schedule_irq().  Without
> preempt_schedule_irq in mfinfo[] it ended up with the wrong function
> and then dereferenced a NULL FP.

Looks like more than preempt_schedule_irq are missing.

I've got these in .sched.text:

ffffffff8031ea70 T __sched_text_start
ffffffff8031eb88 T __down_interruptible
ffffffff8031ed18 T schedule
ffffffff8031f7e8 T preempt_schedule
ffffffff8031f8a8 T preempt_schedule_irq
ffffffff8031f9b0 T wait_for_completion
ffffffff8031fae0 T wait_for_completion_timeout
ffffffff8031fc58 T wait_for_completion_interruptible
ffffffff8031fdf0 T wait_for_completion_interruptible_timeout
ffffffff8031ff98 T interruptible_sleep_on
ffffffff80320070 T interruptible_sleep_on_timeout
ffffffff80320160 T sleep_on
ffffffff80320238 T sleep_on_timeout
ffffffff80320328 T cond_resched
ffffffff803203c0 T cond_resched_softirq
ffffffff80320478 T yield
ffffffff803204b8 T io_schedule
ffffffff80320548 T io_schedule_timeout
ffffffff803205d8 T console_conditional_schedule
ffffffff80320610 T schedule_timeout
ffffffff803206f0 t nanosleep_restart
ffffffff803207f0 T __wait_on_bit
ffffffff80320910 T out_of_line_wait_on_bit
ffffffff803209e0 T __wait_on_bit_lock
ffffffff80320b28 T out_of_line_wait_on_bit_lock
ffffffff80320bf8 T __down_read
ffffffff80320d00 T __down_write
ffffffff80320e10 T __lock_text_start
ffffffff80320e10 T __sched_text_end

All of those should be in mfinfo[] with omit_fp 1 for those in
kernel/sched.c and 0 for elsewhere.  Or am I missing something here?

Dave Johnson
Starent Networks

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