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anyone want a DecStation?

Subject: anyone want a DecStation?
From: Simon Richter <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 13:33:36 +0200
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as a non-stereotypical geek I no longer live in my parents' basement,
however a bunch of my DecStations still do, and my parents have asked me
to move them out.

I have a lot of stuff that I'm willing to give into caring hands, as it
is highly unlikely that I will do anything with them soonish:

 - around 3 or 4 DS5000/125, with some luck maybe a /250.
 - bunch of PMAG-A and PMAG-D plus cabling
 - 6 Maxines
 - 2 storage extension boxen
 - 6 DEC Monitors, one broken (doesn't get sync correctly)
 - lots of puck mice and 401 keyboards
 - lots of AUI cabling

I'd be willing to bring stuff to LinuxTag on Saturday. If anyone wants
something, please reply and I will put in in the car.


PS: I'm also going to bring two VAXstation II, from which one working
one can be built IMO. If you have a VAX and need spare parts, be there
on Saturday and we'll try to get one working so it is clear which parts
are spare.

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