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RMI XLR Processor Family support?

Subject: RMI XLR Processor Family support?
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 13:20:07 +0100
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I'm probably jumping the gun as they have only recently been announced
but what support is available for the RMI XLR Family of Thread

The RMI web site is  The following
snippets have been lifted from documents available from that web site:

    "XLR-enhanced 64-bit MIPS64 ISA" [1].

    "an operating system such as Linux requires no software changes to
    allow it to run as a multi-way SMP operation system on the XLR
    processor.  This allows software engineers to develop code while
    leveraging the same standard tool chains and operating systems that
    have been use in the past development efforts" [2].

    "ArizonaATX-I is initially enabled by two standard operating systems
    including 32-bit Linux 2.6 with complete support for the XLR
    processor.  Full source code is available and SMP support is
    standard.  Customers will have early access to RMI's kernel
    improvements" [3].

John Connett

[1] "RMI XLR Processor Family Product Brief", Document # PB2001, Raza
    Microelectronics, Inc..

[2] "XLR Processor Product Overview", Document 2PO001100, Raza
    Microelectronics, Inc., May 2005.

[3] "ArizonaATX-I Evaluation Board Product Brief", Document # PB2005,
    Raza Microelectronics, Inc..

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