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Re: Porting To New System

Subject: Re: Porting To New System
From: Stanislaw Skowronek <sskowron@ET.PUT.Poznan.PL>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 07:40:23 +0200 (MET DST)
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> You should probably have a look at click on
> messages boards at the top of the page to get to all the action.  I am
> sure these guys can answer all your questions.

Hurm, hurm. I think that the closed-circle development model is, uhm, less
efficient - there are no tech info on the forums which means nobody can
try and follow. They just finished organizing themselves, and it took them
*three months*. Three months wasted on choosing developers. He he he.

That said, they have really hard work to do - I wish them all the luck
they need, which is *a lot*. Cracking locked-down systems with proprietary
formats is incredibly hard. It's hard enough when they aren't proprietary,
or when they aren't deliberately locked-down.

Stanislaw Skowronek

PS. There are also some funny things there, like "Off-Topic: please keep
related to the PSP". Maybe I'm just an anal-retentive paranoid (OK, I know
I am), but when I see something like that I feel put upon. It's like all
those "keep off the grass" and "private property, survivors will be shot
again" signs. Placed in the middle of Sahara.

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