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Subject: Mips4KECR2
From: "Mile Davidovic" <>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 18:00:32 +0200
Organization: MicronasNIT
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Hello all 

I have problem with MIPS4KECR2 and int handler, MIPS 4KECR2 has support for
external interrupt controller. 
AFAIK, conditions for EIC mode are next:
        Config3(VEIC) = 1
        IntCtl(VS) != 0
        Cause(IV) = 1
        Status(BEV) = 0

IntCtl(VS) has to be different then zero and this field specifies spacing
beetween vectored interrupts.
Interrupt handler for MIPS4KECR2 is placed on 0x80000200 and if I set
IntCtl(VS) on 0x20 and I want to
use max number of interrupts (63) I have to place almost 2k from 0x80000200
and I am afraid that I will
overwritten something.

I am pretty shure that I do not see obviouse things, but any help/comment
will be most welcome.

Best regards Mile

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