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Re[2]: dbau1200 ethernet driver?

Subject: Re[2]: dbau1200 ethernet driver?
From: "Ruslan V.Pisarev" <>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 17:12:59 +0300
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>[In reply to "dbau1200 ethernet driver?" from 
><> to Ruslan V.Pisarev <>  
>06/05/2005 16:32]

>>  There is a smc91c111 network chip on board, so my question is - what
>> driver is suitable with him? Is it "MIPS AU1000 Ethernet support"
>> which fails to compile with "error: `NUM_ETH_INTERFACES' undeclared"
>> (and it must be?) or something different? It seems that I have enabled
>> all other options for ethernet functionality.
src> Without having access to a source tree currently, how about you grep
src> through the 'arch/mips/au1000' directory and friends for the string
src> NUM_ETH_INTERFACES. I think you will find that each board-specific
src> setup file is responsible for defining it. Either that, or look in
src> 'include/asm-mips'. In the future, make sure you grep through all of
src> the source to find other possible uses or examples.

Well, problem is something more complicated... At least for me :)

NUM_ETH_INTERFACES is defined /include/asm-mips/mach-au1x00/au1000.h
for all machines (au1000 au1100 au1500 au1550) except au1200. I dont
think that someone forgot to add NUM_ETH_INTERFACES for au1200. And
even what it means? All these machines have "on-board" ethernet
controller in processor core, so I think there's no external chip on
development board. au1200 haven't internal controller and has
dedicated chip on board...

 Furtermore, I found now, that Linux 2.4.26 distributed by AMD has an
additional option CONFIG_AU1XXX_SMC91111 in config for DBAu1200 which
controls compiling drivers/net/smc91111.c.
 In 2.6 this file disappeared but we have drivers/net/smc91x.c which
configures in some arm, ppc, and superh architectures. MIPS knows
nothing about him. Is it the right file? I suppose it is, but...

 Am I first who put 2.6 kernel on this board and see that is there no
drivers for it ? :)

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