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RE: Big Endian au1550

To: 'JP' <>,
Subject: RE: Big Endian au1550
From: Prashant Viswanathan <>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 11:18:40 -0700
Cc: Prashant Viswanathan <>, 'Manish Lachwani' <>,
Original-recipient: rfc822;
> I can confirm that BE works fine on the db1550 board. Just add line
> to the db1550 section of arch/mips/Kconfig. That allows you to choose
> BE.
> I guess all the alchemy boards will work LE and BE. At least allowing
> the setting will mean they get tested rather than folk getting put off
> by the fact they can't select it.
> JP


Actually I had BE working many months ago. I just did an update to get the
latest and greatest stuff. It would be good if Kconfig was "fixed" to allow
BE selection.


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