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RE: Common Flash Memory Interface

Subject: RE: Common Flash Memory Interface
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 09:41:47 +0100
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Hi Wolfgang,

Many thanks for your reply - You've reassured me that I'm not
doing something in hardware that I'll regret later!

As for the waiver on the disclaimer - I can't win here! It's automatically
attached by our Head Office to all outgoing emails and I don't know of any
way to stop it. Not long ago someone else on this list commented on a
(probably automatically) attached disclaimer without a waiver


Martin Nichols,
Thanks again and ...
please ignore the bit that follows - I didn't put it there!

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Subject: Re: Common Flash Memory Interface 

In message <DEF431FFDB15C1488464F0E57D5506642AA6B7@MEDNT02> you wrote:
> I've arranged for a pair of Spansion S29GL256N 256Mbit flash roms to be
> connected to the
> Au1100 static bus. These devices are each 16bits wide and are connected to
> upper and lower
> halves of the 32 bit static bus at an address such that the boot code can
> reside in them.
> After boot, we want to use the remainder of the devices as flash disk
> one of the wear
> leveling file systems. Each flash chip implements the Common Flash Memory
> Interface standard,


> but as they are arranged as 32 bits wide the devices are effectively
> interleaved.

I'd rather say thay are accesses in parallel.

> Can Linux support this arrangement?

Yes, of course. Such a configurationir more or less standard. The MTD
drivers will work just fine.

> Finally, this email is not confidential and is for all Linux-Mips
> addressees.

Then why do you attach such a silly disclaimer?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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