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Re: mdelay() from board_setup() [is default value for loops_per_jiffy wa

To: Clem Taylor <>
Subject: Re: mdelay() from board_setup() [is default value for loops_per_jiffy way off?]
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 10:58:58 -0700
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Clem Taylor wrote:

I'm working on a linux port for a custom Au1550 based board. Inside of
board_setup() I need to wait for some hardware to power up. So, I
called mdelay(), but it seems to wait for far too short a time. It
seems that loops_per_jiffy still has the default value (4096) in
board_setup(), the computed value is more like 245248. So, what is the
proper way to spin wait this early in the startup process? Also, isn't
the default value for loops_per_jiffy off by quite a bit? I'm running
the Au1550 at 492MHz, so that would make the default value good for a
~8MHz processor?

It's too early in board_setup() to use the standard delay routines. You can't use those until after calibrate_delay() runs. To do precise delays in board_setup, you'll have to do something yourself where you read the cp0 timer periodically and wait a certain amount of time.


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