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Re: Linux for RouterBoard532 - CPU MIPS32 4Kc - IDT 79RC32434.

Subject: Re: Linux for RouterBoard532 - CPU MIPS32 4Kc - IDT 79RC32434.
From: John Tully <>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:35:28 +0300
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At 02:17 AM 4/19/2005, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
In message <> you wrote:
> I work for MikroTik and we make the RB500.  We are trying to add more
> documentation to make it easy to do more things with Linux. At the moment,
> the CF image at least lets you quickly start on developing Linux
> applications.  Allot of what you need can be figured out from the kernel
> patch on the specs page for the RB500 at , but that is
> not so much fun.  We will add more documentation on the NAND device and
> such features. So, please check the site and I can also write to this list
> as we add more info.

Thanks. Just two more questions now:

* Are you working on a 2.6.x version ?

No, maybe you would like to work on that.

* Is the NAND flash support supposed to be working?  All  I  can  get
  from it is only error messages.

Yes, it works.  I will try to organize some more docs on this in a week or so.


Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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