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Toolchain question

To: "'Linux/MIPS Development'" <>
Subject: Toolchain question
From: "Mile Davidovic" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 12:13:50 +0200
Organization: MicronasNIT
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Hello all
I would like to port board (with MIPS 4kec) to latest linux 2.6 kernel.
Using porting guide 
from ( I successfully made
console and
serial driver. But problem appears with first printk (in start_kernel) I got

I used toolchain which uclibc buildroot script produced (gcc-3.4.2,
and I am not sure is this correct combination.

From I saw that next
1. SDE MIPS - unfortunately this is 2.9x compiler.
2. Mr. Rozycki offer only mipsel toolchain
3. Mr. Kegel's crosstool but from it seems that 
this toolchain is not good for MIPS.
4. Toolchain from ucLibc, I tried but I have trouble with.

So my question: which toolchains I have to use? 

Best regards Mile

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