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Re:cross compiling

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Subject: Re:cross compiling
From: "Philippe De Swert" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 15:26:19 +0100
Cc: "linux-mips" <>
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>      Iam trying to set up a cross compiler tool chain for mips 64 bit
> big endian.
> Iam fixed in a chicken-egg kind of situation ......  during the
> compilation the linker doesn't find the crti.o which is built using the
> glibc but I still don't have glibc which need the compiler !!!. can
> anybody point me to a solution.

As you seem quite unexperienced I would recommend using Dan Kegel's crosstool
at And if you really need help after trying that or
reading up on resources, we will need a more detailed description of your
problem. Error output, versions, procedure you are using, etc....

You do realize that the --without-headers option is broken from gcc-3.2.x


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