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Re: Porting davicom driver to pmon

To: Brad Larson <>
Subject: Re: Porting davicom driver to pmon
From: priya <>
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 10:05:20 +0530
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Hi Brad,
Its a davicom chip. I tried porting the linux driver to pmon - but still iam 
problems sending the set up frame - actually in the linux the set up frame is 
sent 5
times. Iam doing the same thing out here too. But while trying to send the 
setup frame
for the second time the network status report register(cr5) value is 0xfc200007 
indicates - move setup frame from host memory, transmit buffer un-available, 
and transmit
process complete)

Also the network operation mode (register cr6) gets set to hash filtering, 
while i have
enabled perfect filtering mode in the transmit descriptor. Any idea why this 
is happening?


Brad Larson wrote:

> It's a DEC Tulip type chip handled by the dc driver. Should work with "dc* at 
> pci ?".
> Should because I have no own experience with that particular chip.
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> Subject: Porting davicom driver to pmon
> Hi,
> I am using a custom board which has mips
> processor and davicom ethernet chip. Iam
> using pmon bootloader. Has anyone ported
> davicom driver for pmon. Iam facing a
> lot of problem in sending even a set up
> frame
> regards
> priya

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