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Re: Some questions about kernel tailoring

Subject: Re: Some questions about kernel tailoring
From: dfsd df <>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 17:41:15 +0800 (CST)
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Thanks again!
Because of the limitation of memory, I don't want to use YAMON.
Using gzip -9, I can get a kernel more small than the kernel made by "make zImage".
So I want to write a very simple bootloader and make a self-decompressed kernel.
But why everyone use "make zImage" instead of my method? That's what puzzles me? 

Stuart Longland <> wrote:
dfsd df wrote:
> Thanks for your reply!
>>That's correct... 'vmlinux' is your kernel. mips
>>doesn't use zImages.
> But , the vmlinux is too big, Waht should I do? Is the
> vmlinux already compressed?

Normally you manually gzip it -- but it will largely depend on what the
bootloader for your device expects. Incidentally, are you trying to
boot the kernel directly, or via something like U-boot or YAMON?
AFAIK these evaluation boards are not designed to directly boot a kernel.

>>(PS... Please refrain from HTML email on this list)
> Sorry, I'm a newbie, I really don't know what you
> mean. :-)

Rich text emails -- in layman's terms. Couple of reasons for this:
* They do make the email slightly larger
* Not everyone can see HTML
* SPAM and Viruses commonly exploit HTML

Never mind though, as it seems your mail client has figured to use
plaintext already. ;-)

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