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Re: Build 64bit on RaQ2

To: Jim Gifford <>
Subject: Re: Build 64bit on RaQ2
From: Kumba <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 19:38:11 -0500
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Jim Gifford wrote:
Has anyone had any luck compiling a 64 bit version on the RaQ2. I can get it to compile but, it locks up during boot up.

elf64: 00080000 - 0042fd3f (ffffffff,803e6000) (ffffffff,8000000)
elf64: ffffffff,80080000 (8008000) 3731589t + 134331t

That's all I got during bootup, no error messages or anything.

Peter Horton had some experimental code in the kernel at one point to try this. I managed to get a 2.6.9 (I think, maybe 2.6.10) mips64 kernel to boot on cobalt, but it was pretty useless. Poor machine was slower than molasses uphill in winter.

I believe cobalt would run better using the o64 kernel hack than pure n64 kernel (-mabi=64), but cobalt needs some fixups to its spaces.h before an o64 kernel will build on it.


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