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Re: Au1500 and 1Gbps

To: Gilad Rom <>
Subject: Re: Au1500 and 1Gbps
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 10:47:02 -0800
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Gilad Rom wrote:

As a follow up to my last posting, I was wondering if anyone
ever actually benchmarked the Au1500 in terms of networking

We make a custom board, based on the Au1500. 100Mbps
performance is 100% (100Mbps FTP transfers when using brctl to bridge
both ethernet MAC's), but What we would like to do, ultimately,
is build a board with two Gigabit MAC/PHY's and use our board
to construct a much more powerful gateway.

Any insight? can the Au1500 even try to handle 1000Mbps?

Should be easy to get up and running the benchmarked. The Intel 1G driver (e100?) should run fine on mips with, hopefully, little or no modifications.


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