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Re: Little Endian

Subject: Re: Little Endian
From: Manish Lachwani <>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 15:10:27 -0800
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I'm just starting to look at a porting project. The board I'll
be using is little endian and the CVS version of the kernel
source doesn't have anything but big endian in the config
menu. Does little endian work at all and if so, how do I select it?


When you do "make menuconfig", under "Machine Selection" item, there is an option called "Generate little endian code". Is this what you are looking for? This is a config option CONFIG_CPU_LITTLE_ENDIAN. This is defined in arch/mips/Kconfig:

       bool "Generate little endian code"
default y if ACER_PICA_61 || CASIO_E55 || DDB5074 || DDB5476 || DDB5477 || MACH_DECSTATION || IBM_WORKPAD || LASAT || MIPS_COBALT || MIPS_ITE8172 || MIPS_IVR || SOC_AU1X00 || NEC_OSPREY || OLIVETTI_M700 || SNI_RM200_PCI || VICTOR_MPC30X || ZAO_CAPCELLA default n if MIPS_EV64120 || MIPS_EV96100 || MOMENCO_OCELOT || MOMENCO_OCELOT_G || SGI_IP22 || SGI_IP27 || SGI_IP32 || TOSHIBA_JMR3927
Some MIPS machines can be configured for either little or big endian
         byte order. These modes require different kernels. Say Y if your
         machine is little endian, N if it's a big endian machine.
Manish Lachwani

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