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initrd problem

To:, Steve Stone <>
Subject: initrd problem
From: Ed Martini <>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 15:42:04 -0800
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I'm trying to get 2.6.11 to run on a MIPS Malta board with Yamon. The kernel that comes with the board is 2.4.18 with an embedded ramdisk that runs some scripts to install RPMS via NFS or CD-ROM. The kernel is converted to s-records via objcopy(1), and loaded into memory via tftp. I want to do something similar with 2.6.latest.


On or about Nov 21 of last year, the CONFIG_EMBEDDED_RAMDISK disappeared.

In it's place it is suggested to use the tools in arch/mips/boot, so I tried it. I can cross-compile the kernel, and I get an ELF vmlinux. I can convert it to ecoff with elf2ecoff, and attach an initrd image with addinitrd. The problem begins here. I end up with an ecoff format kernel which is not recognized by objcopy(1), and therefore no s-records.

It seems there is a program called gensrec that would do the job, but google doesn't want to tell me where to get it. Some IRIX binary perhaps?


Should I put CONFIG_EMBEDDED_RAMDISK and its ilk back into my kernel, or write an ELF version of addinitrd? Other ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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