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Re: Big Endian au1550

To: JP Foster <>
Subject: Re: Big Endian au1550
From: Dan Malek <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 10:03:01 -0500
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On Feb 23, 2005, at 7:05 AM, JP Foster wrote:

Fair enough. Has anyone got big-endian au1xxx working ever?

The only issues with big endian Au1xxx is the USB and potentially
PCI.  There have been recent patches posted for USB that could
fix this.  The PCI problem is with the read/write/in/out macros.
They were never written properly and I haven't checked to see
if this was corrected in 2.6.

That aside, I have worked on several big endian Au1xxx projects
that are successful.  I never found a way, aside from #ifdefs for
byte sex in generic files, to make the same source compile in
either mode. It's a fairly low priority on my list of other Au1xxx projects :-)

The Linux sources have worked, and if they currently don't we
should fix them.

        -- Dan

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