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RE: swapon failure with au1550

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Subject: RE: swapon failure with au1550
From: "Bob Breuer" <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 16:20:28 -0600
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Thread-topic: swapon failure with au1550
The bitmask in a pte for swap type is 0x0000_1f00.  In the CPU_MIPS32 &&
64BIT_PHYS_ADDR case, _PAGE_FILE is 0x0000_0400.  Since _PAGE_FILE is
set in the maxed out swap type, it triggers a BUG().

If I move the swap type field like this:
  #define __swp_type(x)  (((x).val >> 2) & 0x0f)
then it works for me.  This makes use of the _PAGE_DIRTY and _CACHE_MASK
bits which were being used in the !64BIT_PHYS_ADDR case.

Is this a reasonable solution, or should a different grouping of bits be

Bob Breuer

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