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Re: configuration of yosemite board with titan 1.2

Subject: Re: configuration of yosemite board with titan 1.2
From: TheNop <>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 13:42:34 +0100
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on the ftp site of PMC I only found kernel 2.4.26 sources supporting
internal UART.
I need kernel 2.6.
Is it planed to integrate internal UART support to 2.6

Why PMC-Sierra removed the external UART chip?
So it is not possible to use current yosemite boards with :-(

Beste regards

Rojhalat Ibrahim wrote:


if you want to use the internal UART, you need an adapted
kernel from PMC. The kernel from only supports
the external UART chip. You can download an adapted source
archive from the PMC-Sierra ftp site.

Rojhalat Ibrahim

TheNop wrote:


today i got the yosemite board with titan 1.2.
Currently I have problems to get the kernel 2.6.10.rc1 running (it runs on the old yosemite quite well). The first thing I noticed is that after starting the kernel no output on the console is printed. On the new yosemite board I got, the external UART chip (U36) is not mounted anymore. Could that cause my problems?

Is there anybody how can send my a .config file to get the yosemite working?

Best regards

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