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kernel for custom MV64341 board?

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Subject: kernel for custom MV64341 board?
From: Fredrik <>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 17:55:50 -0800
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I'm getting a custom board going: it sports an RM7000 and Marvell
MV64341 system controller (alas, no external UART!).  I've hacked
U-Boot to the point where I can TFTP a kernel image and (start to)
boot it.

So far I've been using an old 2.4 kernel I used for some Ocelot-G
work, just to get past the TFTP-load stage. MY QUESTION IS: What would
be the best kernel version for me to now start customizing for my
board?  Is 2.6 too bleeding-edge, 2.4 too moldy, or what?  Dealing
with the MV64341 will be most of the effort, of course.

The Ocelot boards seem well supported, but there looks to be a lot of
code that would have to change (different system controller, different
memory map--though I'm flexible--a lot of assumptions about the
goodies available on-board, etc.).  This is the first time I'll be
porting the kernel, so it might be more productive for me to start
from a minimalist configuration and add-in what I need.  Enough code
to set up the memory configuration would be a big help.



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