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Re: Problems with PCMCIA on AMD Alchemy DB1100

Subject: Re: Problems with PCMCIA on AMD Alchemy DB1100
From: "Robin H. Johnson" <>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 17:16:14 -0800
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On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 04:36:07PM -0800, Josh Green wrote:
> I'm using the latest Linux MIPS CVS (2.6.11-rc2) on an AMD Alchemy
> DB1100 with a tool chain created with buildroot (gcc 3.4.3, binutils
> and found a bug in drivers/pcmcia/au1000_generic.c that
> was causing the following error during initialization (not exact text,
> close as I can remember), and subsequently the PCMCIA hardware was
> unavailable (pcmcia_register_socket() was failing due to NULL
> resource_opts field).
> au1x00_pcmcia: probe of au1x00-pcmcia0 failed with error -22
I can confirm this. I thought it was my error in trying to implement
PCMCIA for the XXS1500 board.
A fuller log available here:

The preliminary patch that status report refers to is:
(not ready for any merging yet, still contains extra debug code)

> The other problem I've experienced is a kernel oops when ejecting a
> card.  While it isn't a problem for my project (should never be
> inserting/ejecting cards) I thought I'd mention it.  Here is the oops
> output, I wasn't able to use ksymoops since I'm having trouble
> building a cross compiled version (buildroot didn't install libbfd,
> etc from binutils), so this may or may not be useful:
For your ksymoops, i find it very useful to build my host binutils (not
the cross-compiler chain) with '--enable-targets=all' as then it's
possible to use your regular ksymoops (as of 2.4.10, see the INSTALL
document for more details, I wrote up 'Building ksymoops for
cross-debugging only' section ;-) without having to jump thru hoops for
a cross-ksymoops.

Robin Hugh Johnson
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