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Re: Problems with PCMCIA on AMD Alchemy DB1100

To: Josh Green <>
Subject: Re: Problems with PCMCIA on AMD Alchemy DB1100
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 16:47:06 -0800
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Josh Green wrote:
I'm using the latest Linux MIPS CVS (2.6.11-rc2) on an AMD Alchemy
DB1100 with a tool chain created with buildroot (gcc 3.4.3, binutils and found a bug in drivers/pcmcia/au1000_generic.c that was
causing the following error during initialization (not exact text, close
as I can remember), and subsequently the PCMCIA hardware was unavailable
(pcmcia_register_socket() was failing due to NULL resource_opts field).

au1x00_pcmcia: probe of au1x00-pcmcia0 failed with error -22

Interesting. I haven't seen this problem with a slightly older kernel.

Additionally I noticed that some of the 36 bit constants in
au1000_generic.h (AU1X_SOCK0_IO and AU1X_SOCK1_IO) were causing the
warning "Integer constant too large for long type" (IIRC).  Here is a
patch for this, although I'm not sure if this is the correct way to fix
it, or even if it was causing problems or not, although it does get rid
of the warnings.

Thanks, will apply.

Some additional problems that I have been experiencing, but am still
investigating.  If anyone has any ideas of what is causing these, I'd
love to hear them.

I have 2 Senao 802.11b PCMCIA cards and I'm using the hostap_cs driver.
If I initialize pcmcia (cardmgr) with both cards in the PCMCIA slots
only one of them will initialize, the second one causes an error:

Linux Kernel Card Services
  options:  none
hostap_cs: 0.2.6 - 2004-12-25 (Jouni Malinen <>)
hostap_cs: Registered netdevice wifi0
hostap_cs: index 0x01: Vcc 3.3, irq 34, io 0xc0000000-0xc000003f
wifi0: NIC: id=0x800c v1.0.0
wifi0: PRI: id=0x15 v1.1.0
wifi0: STA: id=0x1f v1.4.9
0.0: RequestIO: Configuration locked    <--- Second card causes this
0.0: GetNextTuple: No more items
ds: unable to create instance of 'hostap_cs'!

If I bring up PCMCIA without the cards in, and then insert one, and then
the other, both cards initialize fine and I get wlan0 and wlan1.

No suggestions right now.

The other problem I've experienced is a kernel oops when ejecting a
card.  While it isn't a problem for my project (should never be
inserting/ejecting cards) I thought I'd mention it.  Here is the oops
output, I wasn't able to use ksymoops since I'm having trouble building
a cross compiled version (buildroot didn't install libbfd, etc from
binutils), so this may or may not be useful:

I'll take a look at this.


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